Full-day Sittings and Retreats

When we empty ourselves completely, we are able to receive a pure transfusion of Love.

--Cynthia Bourgeault

Full-day sittings and retreats allow us to dive into our practice much more deeply than we are able to do in the course of a short period of meditation. Through silence and the gentle, continual return to the present moment over the course of many hours or days, our minds are able to settle and our hearts to open in new ways. In addition, retreat gives us opportunities for 'moving practice'--walking, eating, and working in mindful silence.

Full-day sittings run from 8:30 to 4:00 and include lunch. Anyone who has done Centering Prayer or Zazen is invited and encouraged to attend.

Upcoming Retreats

January 15-16, 2021: Centering Prayer New Year Retreat.

A 24-hr. home-based retreat; welcoming the New Year with mindfulness, clarity, and wonder.


March 12-13, 2021: Centering Prayer Lenten Retreat.

A 24-hr. home-based retreat; entering the Holy Solitude of the Lenten season.